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Why sycophants of John Bolton like Trump and Pompeo are like so many flies on shit

Why Trump and his team want to wipe out the EU


Who is behind the push for a post-Brexit free trade deal with the US?

But that’s the trouble with shadow political power structures. Their true shape and purpose stays hidden while they capture democracy.

Emails reveal Arron Banks’ links to Steve Bannon in quest for campaign cash

There are direct links between the political movements behind Brexit and Trump. We’ve got to recognise the bigger picture here. This is being co-ordinated across national borders by very wealthy people in a way we really haven’t seen before,” he added

Brexit: Liam Fox’s department signs deal to keep trade talks secret – Unearthed

Those TTIP mofos! We threw your sorry asses back across the Atlantic once already. Now they try to re-enter by the back door to Europe… but the door is locked motherfuckers. Brexit means Brexit.

What is Politics?

Get over yourselves!

You’re witnessing the death of neoliberalism – from within

We shall fight on the beaches

The gathering financial storm is just one effect of corporate power unbound

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Institutional Inertia

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The New Mutants

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Yankee go home!

Prospect of TTIP already undermining EU food standards, say campaigners

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